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Annie Hung-Scanga Financial AdvisorI am Annie Hung-Scanga. I have a total of three designations, they are: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA); I worked hard for them to demonstrate my commitments in the professional, academic, and ethic requirements of my profession – financial advisor.

Being a financial advisor is not someone “I want to be when I grow up”. It is a profession I chose to be in more than 2 decades ago.

After working for one of the Big Six accounting firms, getting my MBA, passing my CPA exam and working for a fortune 50 company, I realized that I enjoyed working with individuals and families more than with companies. At the same time, I like to put not just taxes but other aspects of finances in good order for myself and for my clients as well. That is the main reason I have stayed in this profession for more than twenty-five years (not for the pay, which is okay).

Unlike some of financial advisors starting out, I didn’t have a huge “network” and some financial advisory firms showed no interest in even talking to me. I gained clients by presenting financial seminars at various civil and law enforcement organizations in the states of New York and New Jersey. I found speaking challenging, rewarding and a great opportunity to let the audience get a sense of the extent of my knowledge in the areas of retirement, investment, education planning, etc.

Now that you know “where I come from” please allow me to explain the process:

I believe in discipline when it comes to managing one’s finances. The Chinese have a saying, “Exchange kids to educate” – something like that, which means when it comes to teaching one’s own child, one is to exchange this duty with another adult. The reason? There is less emotion involved when teaching someone else’s kid. I found similarities here with investing and planning for the finances involved. Sell or not sell? Invest or not invest? It is “easier” for most people to make that decision when it is not their money, and it is easier to have some objective professional to discuss the pros and cons with (ideally not TV, newspapers, nor the shoe-shine boy).

I trust in planning, which leaves nothing to chance. Even though we can’t predict the future, and nothing really comes out exactly as anticipated, planning is a must. With a plan, you at least have an idea of what the “ballpark” result will be; without it, you just wing it. Unfortunately, we all get older as days go by and we can’t work forever. If you wish to maintain a similar lifestyle during the retirement years as you did in the working years, planning gives you a better chance to float through the retirement journey than not planning at all (again in general).

I delight in helping those who desire to work with a professional. We all born with different “gifts” and only have 24 hours a day. A lot of people are gifted and can multi-task well (to some degree). The question I ask myself is: Do I have the ability and time to do a task well? Or is it better to engage a professional’s service and free myself up to spend time with my family, and to focus on my own practice serving my clients?

Speaking of my clients, I can’t be all things to all people. I prefer to work with those who recognize the need of having a “2nd” or even “1st” opinion on managing their financial planning, implementing their plans, and monitoring the plan progress periodically (while not daily).

What can I do for my clients?

Being a CPA, I love numbers. Having worked for corporate America in my previous life, I am aware of company benefits, stock options, 401k plans to just name a few. Being a mom, I know a thing or two about college planning. Having lost my mother years ago, I recognize estate planning is a painful experience to go through. Managing my own investments has given me tremendous confidence and experience in asset allocation and mutual funds/stocks selection. Finally, with a “Type A” personality, I couldn’t help but to get things done effectively in an efficient manner (or at least I try to).

I take pride in offering “full” financial service to my clients.

How I work?

The initial meeting is an information exchange one. You share your concerns, your basic financial info and the “expectations” you have for a financial advisor or past experiences of working with one, while I respond to your questions, state my work philosophy, and what I can and cannot do for my clients. After 2 business days, I will call at mutual agreed upon time to see whether both you and I feel the same way – either we could work together, or we part as friends.

In Summary, I am a devoted financial advisor who likes to work with individuals, families, professionals, and small business owners that value each other’s time and expertise. In the past 2 decades, I have had the privilege working with corporate executives, dentists, small business owners, start-ups and professional athletes (esp. since I am one of the USA Swimming Certified Officials). Would you be interested a brief conversation? Please feel free to contact me whenever you are ready (or not).

Princeton Forrestal Village
116 Village Blvd, Suite 200
Princeton, NEW JERSEY 08540
Phone: (609) 910-2600


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